HBF Run for a Reason - Liver Foundation
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HBF Run for a Reason

HBF Run for a Reason is one activity that the Liver Lovers adore. We make a pretty big impact every year. We raised over $20,000 last year and our goal this year is even bigger.

Watch the video to understand our reason for the run.


Our reason for running each year is to help support a children’s liver unit in WA. Western Australia has a fabulous state of the art, adult liver transplant unit in Perth but there is nothing for children. Kids with liver disease have to relocate overseas in order to have a transplant. This creates havoc for the families – not to speak of the child.

We have been raising funds so that we can bring our little liver kids a little bit of sunshine.  So we would love you to join up and run with us. We are the most colourful team in a group of thousands. Look at us here 🙂

This is our 5th year of the run!

Please also make an everyday hero page even if you don’t want to fundraise, so people can choose to donate to you. Below is a link to join us

Come join us for the run on 27 May 2018.  Just click on the ‘love your liver‘ button to register.



And this is what we did last year. Watch the video here.