Trek to prevent liver cancer - Liver Foundation
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Trek to prevent liver cancer


I am Dr Ivy Huang, a Research Hepatologist at the University of Western Australia in Perth.  I am really concerned about the rise in liver cancer cases over the last few years.

Primary liver cancer looms as one of Australia’s largest cancer challenges. Let’s tackle it before it tackles us.

The Liver Research Foundation of Western Australia is committed to new research into the causes and cure for liver cancer. But all research needs funds and I hope that with your help and good wishes, we can help the Liver Foundation of Western Australia do what it has set out to accomplish.  

In November 2017, I along with my partner Sam will do a trek in the Himalayas to raise awareness about Primary Liver Cancer. Prevention goes a long way. Let’s stop it before it strikes.

Take a look at the video below and please consider donating to the Liver Foundation of Western Australia so that they can carry on with their good work.           

Trekking to Prevent Liver Cancer

  Please click on the Donate button to help the Liver Foundation of WA. 

Trekking on Everest