Volunteering Opportunities - Liver Foundation
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Volunteering Opportunities

Work with Us

The work of volunteers who can give willingly of their knowledge, expertise and time are vital to the running of this foundation.

By registering to volunteer with the Liver Foundation of Western Australia, you will be helping us with any of the following you choose to lend a hand with

  • annual fund raising appeals
    • administrative support
    • project work for research and educational activities
    • professional advice and expertise
    • event organisation and management
    • support others affected by liver disease

And it’s not just all about giving. When you become a volunteer with the Liver Foundation of Western Australia you can

  • have an opportunity to play a vital role in reaching out to impact people’s lives
    • have an opportunity to update your skills in the area of your choice – medical, nursing, media, admin, accounting and other various roles
    • a hands on chance to learn about the latest issues with hepatitis and liver care
    • an opportunity to work with a highly equipped team of health professionals
    • an opportunity to broaden your social contacts
    • a step toward moving back into the workforce

If you wish to volunteer with us, please send us a brief resume and your contact details to contact@liverfoundation.org.au or call 08 9336 3178